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Tula: A Return to India’s Regenerative Cotton Roots

As part of our series on cotton in community, we are honored to share this article produced by Harpreet Singh, exploring the connections between cotton, colonialism, cloth production, and community-based economies. As Harpreet writes, tula is a Sanskrit word that

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Farmers Living and Dying by Cotton Seeds in India

In June 2014, I sat next to Shiva on our way to Warangal, a regional capital in Telangana, India, where we would buy cotton seeds. Encouraged by a promising monsoon forecast, the city’s agricultural input shops were mobbed by farmers
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The twisted trajectory of Bt cotton

Despite finding huge favour in India, the GM crop has only brought modest benefits. Cotton has been woven and used in India for thousands of years. Cotton fabric from around 3,000 BCE has been excavated from the ruins of Mohenjo-daro,

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